Corporated as an expert in water treatment activities, Global Scientific Group of Companies were founded in Sri Lanka with a team of well qualified and well-experienced personnel.

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Clean, safe water is vital for every day life. Water is essential for health, hygiene and the productivity of our community.

The water treatment process may vary slightly at different locations, depending on the technology of the plant and the water it needs to process, but the basic principles are largely the same. This section describes standard water treatment processes.

What makes us different

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Wide range of Equipment

A broad range of testing instruments and lab test kits which helps the measurement of water condition

Superior customer service

From your first proposal through final delivery of our service, we assured our consumers are treated as if they were the only one you have.

Deploy affordable

We develop and deploy affordable, scalable and locally-led water solutions in Sri Lanka.

Knowledgable Staff

With an average tenure of 15 years, our team is highly experienced at planning.

Brands we have worked with

Do you want the reliability of engineering excellence and performance in your system?